Ecommerce Marketing Services

We LOVE ecommerce!

Ecommerce is our passion here at Legonix. We have many years of experience starting ecommerce companies and supporting ecommerce businesses in large corporations. Our ecommerce services will get your store up an running quickly or help grow your existing store.

Ecommerce Strategy

Your ecommerce strategy requires constant refinement to stay effective in the ever-changing ecommerce industry. It’s important for your business to have a path to success that defined your goals and how to get there. Whether you’re a retailer or brand, the Legonix Ecommerce team will work with you on creating a plan for your ecommerce business, selecting technology platforms and building processes.


Ecommerce Marketing

How do you attract visitors to your online store? How do you increase your conversion rate on the site? Ecommerce marketing is our strength at Legonix. We help businesses use various digital marketing tactics to grow their online sales. Ecommerce companies require a unique approach to digital marketing such as search engine marketing, social media and email marketing. We will help you tie everything together in a cohesive marketing plan, measure performance and optimize on a consistent basis.


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