3 Ways to Promote Ecommerce Products on Twitter

3 Ways to Promote Ecommerce Products on Twitter

For any modern business, especially in eCommerce, your presence on social media matters a great deal for building a supportive online community. That said, each social media platform is unique with a different code of conduct, behavioral expectations, and responses to specific content. Naturally, big beautiful pictures are the most effective on Instagram, Facebook is where you go to write long public posts and join groups and Twitter is where the action happens. However, when trying to build a social media marketing campaign, it’s important to remember that modern consumers don’t actually like commercials, blatant promotions, corporate impersonality. This makes it somewhat difficult to promote your eCommerce products online without risking ticking off your new friends but if you’ve been building a strong positive relationship, then your audience will be receptive and even pleased by a few polite, well-timed and well-written promotions each month.

1) Share a Discount Code

One of the simplest ways to get your audience’s attention and encourage them to get involved in your social media community is to share a special discount code only for people who pay attention to your profile on Twitter. This code can be for one particular product, a checkout code for an overall percentage discount, or even a code that only does something special for your website. Choose the reward based on what your audience cares about most and what they want right at that moment. Those who follow you regularly and see the promotional code go by will be delighted that you offer such rewarding and exclusive deals to those who support your brand online.

2) Take Fascinating Pictures

Pictures are incredibly powerful in Twitter, partly because you can ‘read’ them much faster than you can even 140 characters. An engaging picture will get more likes and retweets than almost any plain text tweet and images are much more likely to experience sudden and unexpected virality. However, not just any picture will do. You can’t just post a bland product image and expect people to go wild. Get creative. Decorate your item and take an elegant picture or get very close to it and take focused and confusing partial picture of the item, then ask your audience to guess what it is. This can simultaneously generate interest in the product and draw attention to your brand as you confuse and delight the online community.

3) Hold a Contest

Finally, if you really want to get a group of people hyped for a product without making it self-promotional which is a social media faux pas, make the event about your audience instead. Hold a raffle or, even better, a contest in which your community members compete for the chance to win one of your products. Not only are you creating a lot of interest in the product itself and encouraging your audience to strive and get one, you’re also reaping all the benefit of a lively online community talking to both each other and outside friends and family about your brand and products.

Twitter is a great place to work on your social media marketing campaigns and can be a wonderful venue to promote your products as long as you remember to follow the basic social media rules of etiquette. By not getting too promotional, the promotions you do tweet will go further and faster than ever before. With the kind of enthusiasm that can be generated on Twitter, you’re sure to see a significant increase in the number of leads who find their way to your eCommerce site to check out your Twitter promoted items and use their online promo codes. For more great Twitter marketing advice for your eCommerce business, contact us today!